Open house restaurant nairobi indian food




In every part of th world you can find Indian restaurants. As one of, if not the oldest civalisations that ever existed, it is no surprise that indian flavours have such great potential.

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Over the many years that Open House has been serving quality dishes, it has had the oppertunity to sellect and modify its menus to cater for the tastes of its wide range of patrons..

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No exceptional restaurant is complete without five star service. At Open House we know this and therefore, we consider quality of service as one of our fundamental pillars.

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Have you dined at Open house in the 90's or recently, for lunch or dinner, at Westlands? Great consistency. Our Chefs are trained masters of perfection.

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We are glad to invite you! the original Indian Fine Dining experience...

Open house restaurant nairobi indian food

At Open House Restaurants, we believe that Fine Indian Cuisine comes from a delicate balance of succulent food, authentic ambiance and personalised service.

So when you walk into our doors, be ready to experience a connucopia of indian flavours, whilst being transported into our traditionally set surroundings. Feel free to enquire about your taste preference or take suggestion from our experienced staff. Enjoy!

Open house restaurant nairobi indian food


Never disappoints - the best Indian food in a town full of Indians Decor: simple Service: v good Food: excellent Try the Chilean red...good value and goes well with the food. I think the secret to this restaurants success is that the original chefs are now the management and they continue to be present every day.

Chetholiay (Zurich, Switzerland )


Don't go anywhere else for Indian food in Nairobi Don't accept anyone telling you that the rival establishments of Anghiti's or Handi's are better. They are not. I have been going to Open House since 2000 when it was located in Bishan Plaza. It's current location gives it a more comfortable restaurant feel. Less upmarket than other restaurants, but you don't come here to eat the decor. Run by brothers Matthew and Anil, one of them is always on duty at the restaurant to ensure that standards do not drop. Indeed, after thirteen years I have still not had a bad meal. Consistency is the toughest thing to find in the Nairobi restaurant scene but Open House ticks the box. Particularly recommended are the starters, especially ginger fried prawns, paneer chili fry, chicken chili fry, ginger chicken wings and the mushroom special (garlic). A wide selection of Nan's also including particularly good cheese nan and (chili) turbo nan. Mains are also good but we tend to be full by then, so consider ordering just a large selection of starters, many of which you won't see at other Indian restaurants.

S and E G (U.K.)


This is such an authentic place where you can lunch and dine. The dishes are tasty and delicious. The restaurant has its own variety of Indian cuisines.Its menu that has discerned from Mogul cuisine, the wholesome Punjabi flair, the cuisine of Kashmir, the fiery dishes of Delhi and Mumbai, the hot spicy recipes of Goa & Madras, not forgetting the earthy delights of the Tandoor - all for discerning lovers of exotic cuisine.

Rajeev P Menon (

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Most delicious:

Open house restaurant nairobi indian food

Chilly Paneer
Arguably our most famous dish...but theres very little doubt that its the best you've ever tasted.

Open house restaurant nairobi indian food

Palak Paneer
A vegitarians dream. The combination of lightly marinated paneer pieces in a smooth spinach gravy.

Open house restaurant nairobi indian food

Butter Chicken
A must have...tender marinated peices of chicken in a rich creamy gravy. Try it extra hot with jeera rice!.

Open house restaurant nairobi indian food

Malai Kabab
An excellent way start to your meal. A hot version inspired by our customers is called "masala mar ke".