Open house restaurant nairobi indian food

About our cuisine:

Open House Restaurants have a long successful history of delighting patrons of all ages and ethnic groups. From humble beginnings in a small semi-open premises, our captivating food and impeccable service have enabled us to grow. Maintaining the same standards and excelling in others, we now have two wonderful venues to boast.
The Mughals were known for their style and splendor - and their food habits were no different. Rich creamy sauces, aromatic spices and traditional recepies full of distinctive flavours in a myrid of styles. The marinated tandoori dishes are an inviting treat for small meals, or a great accompaniment to the satisfying main courses. Open House caters for the mild eaters as well as the experienced chilly fans. The home made classic desserts are an exceptionally pleasent way to end the perfect meal



An immense variety of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes to tantalise tastebuds.

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Tenderly marinated portions made in the typical mouthwatering tandoori way.

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Thick and creamy sauce cooked dishes. Delicious whether ordered mild or extra hot.

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Indian Breads:

A choice of soft or crispy naans, parathas and rotis with several stuffings or toppings.

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Aromatic options of plain, vegetable and jeera rice or the flavourful biriyani pots.

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Tempting and scrumptious traditional items to complete a perfect meal.

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Take Away:

A service for those who are on the move or looking for a tasty night at home.

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The ultimate compliment for a great party or function. It can't get better!

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